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THETA is a limited liability company located in Amman/Jordan with a wide network of professionals in most of Europe, Middle East and African countries (EMEA). Our network of experienced professionals are working together with manufacturers, local distributors and health care providers to bring a perspective informed of the challenges and opportunities.


THETA is an emerging company in providing business development and consultancy services to the healthcare industry. We draw on our experience, knowledge and extensive network to increase the value, profitability and growth potential of our clients. 


Experience & Knowledge

THETA team has a huge experience in the healthcare sector in the EMEA region. We have expertise in managing distributors and reaching them with the desired goal and acquisition of agencies and product lines for distributors. In addition, we are experts in the processing of hospitals and the purchase of equipment and supplies.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

We understand that our clients are focused on their core business. By partnering with THETA, you will shift your peripheral issues to become our core businesses. Which will keep you a step ahead in terms of saving time, budget and the possibility of success.

Our clients strategic goals will be our preoccupation so that we will not give up until they come true.

A Network that Fulfils Your Needs

THETA believes that connections are essential to find new opportunities, reduce time and achieve a better outcome. Often, a good referral could reduce the long introduction and verification process.


THETA network is widespread all over the region, and we believe that connections are a game changer in today’s business, as people are dealing with people.

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