Our Mission is to Move our Clients Forward, Assist Them to Overcome Challenges and Exploit Opportunities in such a Dynamic and Growing Market.


Partnership & Alliance

Finding a reliable and trustworthy partner became a necessity, especially in a very dynamic region with many variables. We at THETA have the resources and network to assist any producer, manufacturer or healthcare service provider to find the right partner in the region.


The partner are selected according to specific criteria, based on the nature of the products/services, targeted country, and your strategy. 


Because we are truly independent we can focus on getting what’s right for you.


Business Management

Whether you are a producer of medical devices/supplies or healthcare information technology, you may want to outsource your distributor management or marketing activities to a regional expert, who understand each market characteristics and manage your business from the ground up.


We at THETA offers a distribution network management, marketing management, and regional technical support, through a qualified team in each business area, high tech in business management and dedicated resources.

You can rely on us to apply your strategies, grow your business, and achieve your financial target. 

Acquisition & Portfolio Expansion

There are two ways to grow your business, either by offering new service/product or opening a new market. Applying any growth strategy requires a full business analysis, a lot of market research through a qualified team and network of connections.


We ask you to focus on your core business and let THETA get you what you need to grow. We have dedicated qualified researchers, consultants and business experts who can get the job done for you.


Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

Network That Fulfills Your Needs

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

- Robert Kiyosaki