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Find the Right Partner

The appointment of a reliable and trustworthy partner/distributor in a remote country is not an easy task. Especially in a very dynamic area with many variables.

We at THETA have the right resources to offer this service as we operate in the region and our team has experience and connections to set up a successful partnership.

Hire and Manage Distributors

We offer operation, sales and distributors management services in the region from the ground up. You can rely on us to achieve financial targets, apply specific strategies and representation of the manufacturer in a professional manner.

We are using the latest technology and experts to build capability, keep figures on track and deliver success.

Evaluate Distributors

The evaluation of distributors depends on many factors that must be taken into consideration. Some of these factors may be linked to internal and regional variables.

If you need to evaluate your partners and make sure that the work is matching with your strategic goals and growth plan in each country or you want a comprehensive assessment that helps you make a strategic decision, then you need an expert who is knowledgeable about the market dynamics and has the ability to evaluate the work of your local partner/s.

Operate as a Regional Office

It has become obvious that the opening of a regional office in the Middle East and North Africa is a costly and complex issue. You have to know how to deal with local cultures, comprehend the nature of the local distributors and recognize the local business environment in each country. You may also need to afford talent to provide technical and other support in a professional manner and maintain them, not to mention other regulatory and logistical aspects.

We at THETA have extensive experience in the region as well as dealing with international companies so we can manage all of this in an efficient way and ensures you achieve your desired goals. We can also integrate technologies and automate the process of management and communication between manufacturers and distributors through Distributors’ Relation Management (DRM) software.

Relation Management Software

If you require a more efficient way to manage distributors in the region or the world you should consider modern technology. We at THETA combine knowledge in the industry and IT experts to offer you Distributors Relation Management service.

We can customize a system that suits your needs in communicating with your partners in the region so that you constantly have clear information about sales forecast, funnel, opportunities, projects and more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is getting harder as businesses are producing more content and have less differentiation in product/services features besides other factors.

At THETA we have a dedicated team that can facilitate various areas of digital marketing such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, online content, account-based marketing, modern SEO, social media and much more.

Market Research and Data Collection

Our work at THETA is based on the conviction that the success of any business decision depends on the volume, integrity and relevance of the available data. 

Our team use qualitative and quantitative methods to collect relevant data based on our clients products/services, problem and objective.

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