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Workflow Analysis & Optimization

The optimal workflow requires having the right process so that the performance of any procedure can be accomplished. To achieve optimal workflow, healthcare organizations must have a regular audit to evaluate and report the bottle nick of each process.

We at THETA have experts in workflow and process analysis, includes but not limited to collect data, identify and set priorities needed to achieve the optimal clinical or business process. 

Establish & Implement Growth Strategy

Hospitals and healthcare organizations face a wide range of challenges every day. They must manage issues that include financial, human resources, policies, government mandates, technology, and patient satisfaction consistently. In order to grow strategically, it is essential that health care leaders retreat from their daily duties to examine the state of the business and create a strategic data-driven growth plan, or you can outsource this issue and assign it to experts.

We at THETA offer this service so that we can create a path that leads to an effective strategic growth plan and manages its execution and review it periodically.

Strategic Alliance & Partnership

Strategic alliances & partnership occur when two or more firms work together for a mutual benefit. This benefit may be found between a clinic and a hospital or with a private laboratory or imaging center, or even between a hospital and hospital. Today, companies have become aware of the value of strategic alliances in terms of sharing the risk, cost reduction, access to new resources and access to new opportunities for growth.

We at THETA have the experience and network that enable us to assist you finding the ideal partner to achieve the objective.

Technical Consultancy

We provide turnkey project management solutions for new and existing hospitals. This includes full project management service, medical equipment planning, procurement, and execution.

THETA has the needed experience in setting up full lists for medical devices/consumables, specifications, negotiating contracts/prices with local/international suppliers and managing full hospital equipping .

Negotiating Strategic Deals

If you want to finalize a specific strategic deal, we are at THETA has the experience and knowledge to support you with information or work on the deal on your behalf. We have developed negotiation strategies and tactics based on finding pressure points and power motivators of the counterpart to ensure you land a better deal.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is getting harder as businesses are producing more content and have less differentiation in product/services features besides other factors.

At THETA we have a dedicated team that can facilitate various areas of digital marketing such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, online content, account-based marketing, modern SEO, social media and much more.

Market Research and Data Collection

Our work at THETA is based on the conviction that the success of any business decision depends on the volume, integrity and relevance of the available data. 

Our team use qualitative and quantitative methods to collect relevant data based on our clients products/services, problem and objective.

Talent Headhunting

You need just to tell us what is your strategic goals, needed leadership roles, and your company culture and we can assemble you the right people. At THETA, we rely on a top-level professional network, industry knowledge and internal database to find talent who has the competencies needed.

We use a creative approach to select potential candidates, evaluate them and recruit, taking into consideration what success looks like across the industry in addition to your needs.

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